I Wanna Chop It Off!

elixandreaelixandrea Posts: 31Registered Users
Ahh! This is getting so hard now! I'll be six months post this week and it is getting so difficult to detangle and style my hair. I had a long, hard, deep think yesterday while fighting to put my hair in bantu knots about why I was doing this, why am I transitioning so long, why is my curl pattern not what I remember...I refuse to touch my hair for the next week. I'm afraid I'll cut it off before I am ready, or go buy a box of caustic soda! Anyone feeling like this?!?!
Last Relaxer: 7.26.09
Natural Mindset: 10.10.09

Hair Type
Med. Tex., High Porosity, High Density, High Elasticity

Coal Tar/ Nizoral (As Needed)
CoWash: VO5 Tea Therapy w/ Salt (2-3 X a week)
DC: ORS Replenishing Pak
Leave In: Diluted VO5
Seal: EVOO


  • tabbysuetabbysue Posts: 122Registered Users
    1/11/10 was the date of my 6 month post relaxer and I decided to Big Chop. I feel that I did jump the gun on my decision:-( Don't get me wrong, I love my natural hair, but I wish that I waited a little and got some more length. Right now my hair is 2 1/2-3in before shrinkage and I'm just not feeling the length because I have a full face and short hair does not compliment me at all.

    Right now i'm rollersetting my hair to add some length and fullness. Back to be patient again...sigh...
    Shampoo: TJ Tea Tree Tingle (only to remove buildup)
    Co-wash/Detangler: Suave Naturals Conditioner
    Leave-in/Styler: Uncle Funky's Curly Magic
    2nd day refresher: Uncle Funky's Thirsty Curls
    Routine: Wash and Go
    Porosity: Normal-High
    Texture: Fine/Thin and Kinky

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