Molasses ???

I picked up some molasses today as I've read that it is better for my dark hair as honey will lighten it over time. How do I go about using the molasses, how much, how often, does the type of molasses matter? I see that there is Fancy Molasses and Cooking molasses, I picked the cooking kind but if anyone who has any experience with molasses could let me know before I do my hair tonight it would be much appreciated.


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    I've never used mollasses, but I use honey every day. I mix it, up to 50/50, with my conditioner in my hand before applying it.
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    Thank you Bailey422,
    Do you rinse this out and then apply your leave in?
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    I use the honey, too, but never molasses. You can use it mixed with your regular daily conditioner and rinse it out, or you can add a drop or two to your leave-in conditioner and leave it in.
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    I used it during my pre-poo, I do a hot oil treatment then cover the hair with molasses like a mask. Blackstrap molasses helps with breakage HTH :)
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