Hope you're not all tired of me...another question..this on spitting up milk

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When I feed Avery she eats really well, 20-30 minutes every three hours. She gets a lot of milk and drinks quickly. The problem is that every time after feeding I know she has a bubble or something and she isn't a good burper. She arches her little back and fusses..then spits out milk a couple times (just kinda comes leaking out of her mouth) and then she's fine.

Even when I can get a couple burps out of her she does this. I've tried to keep her eating to 20 minutes per session the last day or so to see if she is just getting too much and she's still doing it. I don't want to cut back her feeding time though because I want her to get her nutrition..any suggestions?
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    I wouldn't worry, that sounds normal.

    Are you feeding from a bottle or the breast? Do you wait until she's done eating to burp her? If so, you might want to try burping her a few times during the feeding, so that gas isn't building up the whole time.

    It's normal for young babies to spit up some, even after every meal. It looks like a lot, but it usually isn't. The sphincter muscle at the top of their stomach isn't fully developed yet, so milk often comes back up. Feeding her in an upright position might help prevent some of the milk from coming back up. Don't cut back on her feeding time--she needs to eat as much as she wants at this age. Young babies can't "eat too much" in my opinion--limiting their intake can cause weight gain problems, so let her eat as long as she wants.

    If she really seems to be in pain or crying a lot after a feeding, she could have reflux. But you said she is fine once she spits up a little, so it just sounds like typical baby to me. There was a period when my daughter was young where she spit up after every.single.meal and I felt like my life was just one big puddle of spit up. And then all of a sudden, it just stopped. She grew out of it and that was that.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. Some babies are just spitter uppers.

    My advice would be to invest in a few burp cloths, cheap cloth diapers make good ones, and don't leave the house with out spare baby outfits and a spare shirt for yourself.

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    I agree with the previous posters, sounds totally normal. Where iris said about feeding in an upright position, I've found it very comfortable to nurse my baby while semi-reclining. Even in a regular chair I just scoot my butt forward and lean back a bit, then lay him tummy-to-tummy on me so he's at an angle rather than completely horizontal. It seems to help a bit.
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    I agree with the others too. My youngest son was a terrible spit up-er, I never went anywhere without a cloth nappy draped over my shoulder. It stops eventually.
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