How to loosen curl pattern slightly?

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I am a 3b, I am growing my hair long, but as its getting to just past shoulder length, my curls are becoming just very long medium sized corkscrew curls which is kinda curl but also looks like giant snakes or dreadlocks lol. Not really a look Im going for.

I think having layers would help (it did when shorter) but Im waiting to get it the length I want first, every time I get my hair cut I end up back where I started rather than just a trim lol

Also some of my hair at the nape of my neck/underneath and canopy is a lot looser (and therefore hangs a lot longer) and it all looks a bit odd together :S

Any tips on how to maybe get my curl to break up a bit? From my profile pic you can see I get nice curls at that length that are just starting to corkscrew at the bottom, Id like it more like this but with the length.

Im sure people have asked this loads of times lol sorry!

(ps brushing my hair even wet just creates a bush I tried that already :()


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    Your hair is great! Have you tried just raking through with products and no scrunching? Also, what about clipping some of those little silver clips on the bottom curls to try and pull them out a bit so they don't ringlet up. (don't know if this will work - it just came to me while typing about the raking!)icon7.gif
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