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pinkleo7pinkleo7 Posts: 7Registered Users
Got my first bit of new growth today!!! way excited. I love watching it grow in:love10: So far I've been co-washing, im going the "no-poo" route, because my hair seems to respond better to it. I do bantu knots every 3 days to keep my relaxed hair curly to hide the new growth. I don't use any heat on my head at all, and just bought a new deep conditioner. I only comb in the shower when I co-wash.

Im still new at this, so if anyone has any tips to help me through this journey, please post.


  • Nicky791Nicky791 Posts: 679Registered Users
    Sounds like your doing all the right things to me! Happy Growing!!
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    Congrats on your 1 month! Keep it up! :thumbright:
    1 year and 3 months natural!

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