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I have a question about Btms. Can you use it in a hair butter recipe that does not have water in it? The ingredients I would be using are, mango butter, cupuacu butter coconut oil and Btms

I have, following instructions on this board, made a hair butter which turned out great but I want to add Btms for its conditioning properties.

Does Btms need water to be effective in my mix?

I'm hoping some of you more experienced mixtresses can help a newbie out. :cheers:



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    BTMS is an emulsifier (mixes oils and water/aloe vera juice). Emulsifiers work by combining water and oil (one either end of its molecule--water on one end and oil on the other).

    I'm not sure how it will turn out without water (you could try and see), but it won't be the same as if you made a hair cream
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    Thanks for responding coilynap. As you say without water it might not be creamy but now that the idea is in my head i'm going to mix up a small batch and see how it comes out.
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    The other ingredients you have in your cream are also conditioning agents. So if the sole purpose of using BTMS is for its conditioning properties, then you don't necessarily need it. If you are using it to also make your product creamy, then you will need a water based liquid. The product you are planning on making without the water is going to be very thick. Your other option if you don't want to use water is to use an oil liquid to thin it out, that is if your hair can handle all that oil. Not sure what the texture will be like, since all your current ingredients are solid at room temp (even the coconut oil) or cooler, but good luck. And let us know how it turns out.
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