Silicon mix conditioner

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Has anyone used Silicon Mix. It is a Dominican conditioner. Members over at long hair care seem to love it. How does it compare to Biolage conditioner?
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    i used it i think back when i was on nappturality

    um it was just ok people raved about it (shrug)

    i havent used biolage i use curl junkie deep fix or elasta qp dpr 11 (which i still cant find on the ground)
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    If your hair likes cones... you may LOVE it. I do. beware the second ingredient is mineral oil. I haven't tried the biolage. If that's something that you already have and like, why not keep using it?
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    I tried the silicon mix pearl which is protein, the nice thing about this is the mineral oil does something so you hair is not so hard and I did not have to DC after, a rinse conditioner was fine.

    I have also used the Biolage conditioner and I do like it. I tend to like the biolage line, I find this product delivers consistently.

    If I had to choose I would use the biolage.

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    Its the best thing ever created for my hair:occasion5: hair loved it when I was texlaxed back in the day...but my natural hair just loves it...the softness and delightful smell lasts for like a whole week:happy2:....
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