How many conditioners?

How many conditioners do I need? I plan on shampooing once or twice a week with a sulfate free shampoo and following up with a matching cone free conditioner from the same line hopefully. I don't like to mix and match for some reason =P But I don't like to not get my hair wet so I pretty much "wash" it every day. I guess some of the time I need to CO wash and other times I probably should just put some conditioner on the ends. Plus a deep conditioner?

So.. is 3 plenty? Drugstore rec's for a CO wash to replace Suave toasted vanilla & sugar (not a fan.. but I'm up for trying another suave conditioner). I prefer sweet/foody scents like coconut, vanilla, etc., but I guess I should get over being picky about scent. Also, should I buy a deep conditioner or should I try using honey or coconut oil or something?

thanks for any advice :) i'm such a newbie!


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    I like Activate conditioner It's thick, CG friendly and smells rather edible. I got mine at Walgreens in the section for Latin products (it's marketed to Latinas). VO5 Tea Therapy is great too, but I like the thicker stuff for some reason. Have fun!
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    I like suave conditioners a lot for cleansing. The tropical coconut is very nice, and I really like the Aloe a lot as well. I don't really find that I need much in the way of shampoo or a 2nd conditioner, although I tend to do a shampoo every other month or so just to make sure I don't get too much cone buildup (I like GF SCC).

    On a sidenote... I hated toasted sugar and vanilla suave. I'm not sure what's in it that gave me issues, but I had horrid hair when I was trying to use it. I'll also put in a vote for the VO5 tea therapy, that's pretty good stuff.
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    Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
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    White Rain has very nice scents--and I'm picky about that. I didn't like them as COwashes, but lots of people really love them.
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    I use the same condish for my COwash and leave-in.
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