newborn gas--please help

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I gave birth to a baby girl on Monday named Maya. We are thrilled! She is our first baby and we are having issues with gas. She is formula fed and we started on Enfamil. After some feedings (not all), she will scream and cry for a while immediately afterwards. Sometimes for a short time and sometimes for a long time. The dr told us to switch to Enfamil Gentle Ease. We did that yesterday and have noticed no improvement. We also added mylocin starting today to her feedings. She has many bowel movements during the day, but she has so much gas and is in pain much of the time.

The dr said we could try switching to a different formula after another 4-5 days (to a soy or hypoallergenic one). I don't know if I can take 4-5 more days of this though. I feel like I'm feeding my child poisen because of her reaction to it. She also wants to eat all of the time. We feed her every 2 hours or so (sometimes a little longer) and we feed her about 2 oz of formula at a time. I don't know if that is too much and that is causing some of the issues but she seems to be really hungry.

I've also read online about reflux. It seems like she might have that. She has only spit up a couple of times, but they said online that babies can have this even if they don't spit up. She also gulps down her formula a lot which is a sign. She is also very hoarse which can be another sign.

Please help if you have any experience with a gassy newborn, switching to soy or hypoallergenic formulas, or a baby with reflux. I'm suffering a bad case of postpartum depression right now on top of this and I'm so overwhelmed with all of this. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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    I have no clue about formula feeding a baby as I breastfed both mine. I do want to suggest a couple of things. She may not be hungry all the time but rather may just be needing to suck. You can ask your doctor about how much she generally needs to drink in a 24 hour period and see if you are in the ballpark and then start offering her a pacifier if you think she might just want to suck something. You might have to try a few different kinds to see which she likes. All babies need to suck not just for nutrition but for comfort.
    Also, for gas, this is a hold I found helpful. Lay her on your forearm tummy-down with her head toward your elbow and the palm of your hand gently cradling her tummy. Support her gently from the top with your other hand, or pat/rub her back. You can also try walking around like that or rocking her gently in that position. A lot of babies find it soothing.

    Good luck and congratulations on your little girl. Maya is a pretty name. It was on my short list of girl names.
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    We used Milicon drops for DD when she was gassy. It seemed to help her pass it.

    Congrats on your little girl!
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    I have no experience with formula but tons with gassy and refluxy babies. I found that the baby had problems tolerating the gas in the first few weeks but the discomfort mostly tapered off. He still has a ton of gas but it doesn't bother him. I read somewhere that passing gas and having bowel movements really hurts them initially because they have to learn how to do it.

    I know that I cannot overfeed my son. He clamps his mouth closed to let me know he is done. She may be still hungry or just need to suck. It's hard to tell the difference in the beginning but she will be able to differentiate between the paci and the bottle nipple shortly and will let you know.

    We didn't get our reflux diagnosis until right around 1 month but Sebastian was the same way. Does not spit up but I could tell that the yucky stuff was coming back up into his throat. My older son was a big spitter upper but it didn't hurt him so we didn't worry about it too much.

    Hang in there. The first few days and weeks are hard.

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