CG dropout: need help guys

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Hi y'all! Seems like forever since I last posted. I'm now at uni so v busy.

Anyways I've left CG, at least temporarily. The day of going to university my hair was stupidly greasy. I decided to try a lemon juice and conditioner scrub but that just made it worse. I was already worried enough about making friends at uni without adding greasy hair and people thinking I don't wash into the equation.

So anyways I shampood and have done since. At first my hair stayed nice but since then things have gone downhill. Having frizz nightmare days atm. So I might try doing CG until my hair feels/looks greasy then using a bit of shampoo. Maybe shampooing once each week? Anyways any advice on being modified CG would be appreciated. I might try to be totally CG again during the summer hols but till then I can't face hair stress as well as other stress.

Anyways just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on. Thanks for all the support and I will try to be at least to some extent CG.
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    I get conditioner buildup if I don't shampoo now and then. Just make sure your products don't have cones or waxes in them because they'll build up and not let moisture to your hair, that makes my hair look greasy rather than just making my hair soft.

    After you shampoo make sure you condition well, you might have just stripped the moisture from your hair.

    Good luck at the uni
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    So I might try doing CG until my hair feels/looks greasy then using a bit of shampoo. Maybe shampooing once each week?
    This sounds like the start of a good plan. Wean yourself off of shampoo slowly and your scalp will adjust to producing less oil (instead of having to put up with oily hair while waiting it out). I'd start out shampooing every other day for a week, then 2x per week, then once a week, then see how it goes.
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    Don't be afraid to just dive in, though. Unless everyone you know has curly hair, most people don't pay as much attention to hair as we do!

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