Help! Mom of beautiful curly 9 yo daughter

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Hi! I'm so glad this site is here, but I'm overwhelmed! My daughter has long, very thick, I'm thinking 3B-C hair that used to do corkscrews when it was shorter, she was younger. It tends to be dry, frizzy, strong, needs the ends cut. I always giver her a braided ponytail. I would love to let her hair down. I currently never shampoo it, it gets rinsed and conditioned every day. It only gets combed with super wide tooth, I am using kids spray detangeler, Garnier fortifying cream conditioner (rinsed and left in) and I just tried and like fructis style smoothing milk. Because thru my work, I know about oils, and I love the effect of oiling her hair everyday. like they do in India. I use a 'cured' sweet almond oil that's organic and gorgeous, has herbs in it, smell like roses. Her hair sucks it up. Because its cured (heated to boiling temp of water) it won't gunk up.
However, I feel like curly hair failure!!! It could look so much better! I would be willing to try other products but don't know where to begin! Thanks so much for any suggestions!


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    Welcome to the site :D Im sure you'll find lots of very helpful info to help take care of your daughters curls. There's even a bulletin board just for parents with curly kids. You certainly shouldnt feel like a failure...sounds like you are doing lots to take care of her curls..and now you found this place :)

    Oh just incase you havent seen this link...its very helpful for those that are new here in learning all the curly lingo.....
  • AyurBalanceAyurBalance Posts: 4Registered Users
    I have answered some of my own questions, by studying this website at length! Thanks everybody for all the insight on this site. My daughter is a 3B, and I see she really needs a hair thinning (tunneling,etc) because her hair is really thick. Not trying to 'straighten' it while combing it into a style really helps to reduce frizzing. I have lots of tricks and products to try so she can wear her hair down, but it really is gorgeous hair.

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