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At what age did your kids start bathing alone?

I had this discussion about this a while back with someone who's kids are grown up now. She was telling me how so-and-so was still giving his daughter a bath in kindergarden and how inappropriate it was. She didn't say he was doing anything, just the fact that he was there period. She said at that age, kids are old enough to bathe themselves without supervision, and uses her granddaughter as proof.

Personally, I disagree. Maybe I'm skewed because my son has developmental delays. But I just can't picture most 5 year olds being mature enough for this. At least with zero supervision.

My boys are 4 and 6 and very much need supervision. They wash their bodies, but we have to dispense the soap and wash their hair. I've been working on teaching them the hair for while, but still they get one spot on the top and forget the rest. And occasionally they still try and get crazy in the tub. It doesn't happen often, but still. I'm not having my boys getting burned, breaking a tooth, a concussion or worse because I didn't sit there for 10 minutes.

She thinks my boys are just slow and I need to hurry up and teach them to be more independent. I don't see a need for a rush. Kids will be ready when they're ready. I don't think there should necessarily be a set age.

Even if my kids are just that immature, the concept seems strange to me. I mean, if you wouldn't let them alone in a pool at that age, why a tub? Tubs are a lot more slippery!

What do you guys think?


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    My kids were all washing themselves independently by 4 or 5. I would still go in and wash their hair for another year or so...or at least help rinse it. My daughter needed hair assistance for longer, because she had long hair. I found they did better with their hair independently in the shower, rather than the tub, so once they were ready to go solo, I transitioned them to the shower instead.

    Are your boys still bathing together? I wouldn't allow unsupervised group bathing. That sounds like a recipe for disaster...too much fooling around.
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    I read your post on another thread about your shower set up. Seems like your bathroom issues are probably dictating why your kids still need supervision while bathing, not because they're behind. Kids can be more independent at a younger age if the shower is easier for them to use.
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    OUr bathtime is set up like this...

    I give DD a bath, dry her off and let her have "naked time"
    DS is 3...I then get him into the tub, I wash his hair and body and then let him have play-time while I am getting his sister ready...I am right there in the next room, so I can peek in and hear all that he is doing.

    We are working on washing right now. Once he gets the hang of that we will work on hair. I am hoping by kindergarden he will be fine on his own (I have 3 years though). I do not think it is wrong if he still needs help at that time...we just focus on independant living skills with him (eating with silverware, dressing himself ect) as those are harder for him to grasp the concept of.

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    My son is 4 1/2 and still needs supervision and help, not so much because he can't do it but mostly because he'd rather play and doesn't want to be bothered :). I also have to stand there when he's brushing his teeth or he will literally just do a quick brush and be done.
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    Alexander is four. My husband is teaching him to wash himself but doesn't trust him to get fully clean yet so he washes Alexander up and then lets him play in the tub alone for a while.

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    She's 4. I let her have her play/sing time in the tub alone, but I take a minute to thoroughly wash and rinse her before she gets out.
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    Magoo wrote: »
    My son is 4 1/2 and still needs supervision and help, not so much because he can't do it but mostly because he'd rather play and doesn't want to be bothered :). I also have to stand there when he's brushing his teeth or he will literally just do a quick brush and be done.

    Mine is 5 1/2 and he still needs supervision for the same reasons.
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    DD is 3 and I help her with her hair (no way could she detangle it on her own), but she pretty much washes herself and plays independently. I'm usually in the next room so I can hear her, but I don't feel like I still need to be in there every second like I did 6 months ago.
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    cympreni wrote: »
    She was acting like it was completely inappropriate for any bathtime supervision whatsoever by 5. She was pretty much accusing him of being a child molester for this.

    Honestly, I have to wonder about people like that. It's like the people who act like it's sexual abuse to co-sleep with your child. Sorry, but if you think there is ANYTHING sexual about a parent sharing a bed or supervising a bath with their child, you're the one with the issues, not me.
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