Daily Routines with your curly kid?

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I could have sworn that this was the board where I had found a great thread where curly kid parents had listed their daily routines! I had skimmed through and planned to come back and read and make notes when I had time. Now, I don't see it! Did old threads get archived or something?

Help! I am trying to find the best products and routine for dealing with my 3 1/2 yr old daughters super thick, super curly 'do!



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    Im not sure how much this would help you but here it goes anyways. Right now with my son Im using VO5 Tea Therapy conditioner, chosen for it's price and light scent. I put in in his hair when he takes a bath at night and let it set in his hair while he plays in the tub. I dont usually dont rinse it out, if i do only 1 cupful of water. try to fingercomb it before he goes to bed. In the morning I use a detangler made with leftover conditoner and water and put a little more conditoner in his hair and sometimes Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel if his hair is really frizzy. I use an comb to detangle occasionally, but my son is terrified of combs so it is a rare ocurrance.

    Alot of my routine though is around what he will tolerate. He's only 3 and has ASD with one of his sensory problems is a hypersensive scalp, so I rarely able to do as much as I would like or what his hair needs. My main focas with him is conditoning and detangling. When I was a kid my mom would rip through my hair with wire brush from top to bottom ripping out alot of hair in the process. It was one of the things that made me hate my hair at a young age. So it is one of my main prorities to make sure my son doesn't go throught the same agony that I did.

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