Starting CG - is this right?

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To begin CG, I should wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo to cleanse it, correct? (Is baby shampoo like Johnsons & Johnsons No Tears okay for this?) Should I avoid any conditioner during this first wash?
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    Many find that this helps a lot, especially if you've been using products with lots of cones and waxes. Make sure you DO condition afterwards! The whole concept behind CG is that shampooing dries out your hair. Just make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use are cone free. Good luck starting CG! :D
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    Baby shampoo isn't good for this. I posted incorrect information about J&J Tearless Shampoo before. It contains no sulfates, and will not remove build up from your hair.

    Your clarifying shampoo should be labeled and marketed as such. A line of shampoos might have particular formulas called "strengthening" or "color-treated," but there will always be one labeled "clarifying." It's important to use this one because it will contain lots of sulfates, but otherwise be CG. It will remove build up without depositing anything.

    And you should really condition after using it, because it will really dry out your hair.

    Good luck! Hope CG works for you!
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    I read on the BB that baby shampoo is actually harsher than regular shampoo due to the higher pH level.

    here's the thread
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