AOGPB and GTTT - for sale or swap

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For Sale or Swap (all prices include postage with delivery confirmation)

Aubrey Organics GPB 80% full

Deva No Poo 12 oz bottle 85% full SOLD
Deva One Condition 12 oz bottle 75% full SOLD
Deva AnGEL 12 oz bottle 50% full SOLD


Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner brand new $8

Will Swap for:
Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
Curl Keeper
Donna Marie MiraCurl Curling Jelly
Donna Marie Cocoa Hemp Buttermilk
Sulfate & Silcone Free since July 2009
2C-3A normal to high (ends) porosity, medium texture, lower end of med density
Currently experimenting with Water Only Washing and dropping stylers

Negative on: AOHR, mineral oil
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    how much for the gpb?
    FULL CG - 2nd Attempt 2/27/11
    TYPE: Fluffy see through coils & corkscrews when dry & product free
    HGS underlined
    DC: AOHSR / AOGPB / AOSwim / Elucence
    PO: BWC RM / CV Poo Bars
    Cowash: Vo5 KL / GTTT Dilute / Vo5 SC
    Warm mths - help??
    Cool mths - H20, Olive oil, whipped shea butter
    STYLE: La Bella Styling Gel / Deva SIF