I made conditioner!

I'm still perfecting the formula, but I used 2/3 cup 100% aloe (the kind you can drink) and 1/3 cup water. I mixed in about a tsp of xantham gum, a tiny sprinkle at a time until it turned into a thick gel. I then added 2 tsp each Olive oil and vegetable glycerin. Add a squirt of honey and some essential oils and that's it!

It doesn't have as much slippage as store bought conditioners (i'm looking for ideas for that), so it's a littel harder to detangle with it. Over than that it works well for me, I use it as a leave-in as well.


  • taltaltaltal Posts: 614Registered Users
    congratulations :)

    I noticed you didn't add any preservative to your conditioner.
    Note that xanthan gum attracts baceria very fast so either keep the mixture in the fridge or add a mild preservative next time.
  • CheveuxSauvageCheveuxSauvage Posts: 240Registered Users
    How exciting!

    You said that you used the kind of aloe you can drink: Is that the juice? Or the semi-solid chunky/liquidy one?
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  • liamarionliamarion Posts: 10Registered Users
    would citric acid work? How much should I use?

    I used the chunky gel stuff, i'm sure you could use either though.

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