Good salon near Boston?

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Hey guys, i need a good salon recomendation that will cut my shrinky- tightly curled/kinky hair when it's dry....
i'm a 3c-4a
any good place you guys know of?
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BSL while curly. I'm going to get there. :afro:

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    I've been going to Joanie at Clippers Salon in Kennebunkport, Maine (about an hour and half north of Boston). It's been about 8 years now. I've fought my curl off and on for those 8 years. She's supported me either way, but says she's partial to me curly.

    I went last night (I've been CG for 2 weeks now) and started to explain to her what I'm doing (brought my own products just in case). She whipped out Deva Curl! They recently started carrying it and she is even going to a Deva Curl class/conference in March. I'm really excited to go back to her after she takes the class.

    I've always been really happy with my hair cuts with Joanie, but I have never been happy with any stylist styling my hair curly. (They just need to touch it too much!)

    Hope this helps!
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