Computer question from Mac user /internet options

fig jamfig jam Posts: 2,555Registered Users
Anyone here have experience with something like an ATT Laptopconnect card (network card?) that provides internet access on your laptop through cell phone service?

It looks like this is going to be my best bet out at my new house. I can't get DSL and do not want yet another giant tripod and antenna for satellite service. I'll give up my computer activities before I go back to dial up!

I have a Mac Book Pro (kind of like Mr. Magoo driving a Ferrari, but still . . . ) -- supposed to have cards/systems compatible with Mac.

But I don't know what questions to ask or even if this is a good idea. If needed, stop me before I walk into the ATT store on Monday . . .
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  • CeileighCeileigh Posts: 126Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    A laptop connect card should work with the MAC book pro and I have heard of people using the ATT ones. Just be sure if you are using Snow leopard that it is compatible as there were some issues with this OS and some network card but I am not sure which ones (sorry) or if these issues are all resolved or not.
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    My boyfriend hates his AT&T wireless Internet card. He works in sales so his company got it for him. It's actually one of those 3G cards for when he's out on the road. But he says it doesn't always works.

    If you're talking about home connection, why don't you you try uverse for internet? I can't get DSL because I don't have a phoneline in my home. Uverse was available so I went for it. It's pretty good. I have no complaints.

    Me and my bf are both mac users.
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  • fig jamfig jam Posts: 2,555Registered Users
    I don't think u-verse is available in my area.

    I am steering away from ATT -- my internet research turns up common complaints of slowness -- both with the laptop connect card and the u-verse.

    Most of the information I can find suggests that Verizon is the best -- so I think I'll check them out. They have a store about 25 miles from here . . .

    Any other feedback out there?
    "Tell me, are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all?"

    "Honey Badger don't care!"

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