Help! My hair is damage from flat ironing, but i'm protein sensitive

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Hi, i'm sixteen and i blow dry and flat iron my hair for every single week since 3 months ago and still doing it, and i notice that my hair is damage but i'm protein sensitive, and i live in asia so at school i feel like weirdo because i''m the oonly one in my class that has curly hair i'm 3a by the way, so my question is; what should i do with my hair? I've heard that protein helps damage hair but i'm protein sensitive, so what should i do with my hair cos i dont think i can stop blow dry and flat iron my hair, here's my routine; after i sulfate free shampoo and conditioner my hair, i put some heat protectant and blow dry my hair straight than flat iron it i know it sounds weird but my hair look greater when i blow dry my hair befoe i flat iron it, so what should i do people? Please help me
Dont live in US having trouble to find right products cos there are only few sold here
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    well, the majority of us blow-dry before straightening, i know it's necessary for my hair. Also what you may have to do is give your hair a break. I'm not sure what access you have or that your mother/father can give you to get to a salon just to get the professional help that you may need to jumpstart a healthy hair regimen.

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    From my experience, a trim is the only way to go. You can't undo damage and heat styling will damage your hair- there's no way around that. All you can do is cut off the damaged ends.
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    yeah, it sucks. everyone who flat irons gets split ends faster than those who don't. the next time you decide to flat iron your hair, you can conceal/hide the split ends, (your hairdresser may do this for you), or mend them together with product and maybe the split ends will be less visible? I do that a lot when i want to keep my length.
    But they'll never completely go away until you cut them off.
    also, you might wanna try buying Morrocan Oil or getting a keratin treatment. Both lead to softer hair.
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    Potentially unrelated, potentially not: if you're not using a sulfate shampoo, it's possible you could be getting build-up from the silicones in your heat protectant (because most heat protectants are have lots of 'cones). This build up could make the damage to your hair seem even worse.
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    I had this same problem, natural and heat damage bad. I grew my hair out to a decent length and cut it off. There was nothing else that could be done about it. I didn't even know what heat damage was before I came to this board. And now I'm scared to touch a flat iron. Luckily I didn't have the split ends issue it was just damaged and limp.
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    If you have split ends, I would definitely get them trimmed off.

    Your hair probably needs more moisture at this point. You should probably do a deep moisturizing/conditioning treatment at least once a week. I once read that the top 5 ingredients for moisture are:

    shea butter
    vegetable glycerin
    jojoba extract
    avocado oil
    aloe vera

    There are some homemade recipes for moisture treatments or many store brands.

    Here is a homemade recipe:

    4 parts conditioner
    1 part honey
    1 part clear aloe gel

    Heat in the microwave for a few seconds (10 to 15 seconds) until it's warm, then apply to wet or dry hair (especially the ends). Cover hair with a shower cap, and let it sit for as long as you can (30 minutes to overnight). Rinse out, do not shampoo.
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