I have VERY tight curls & I want wavy do I do

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I have the very tight curly dry hair. I am getting sick of it. I would like to do something different but never have because i am afraid of doing something drastic. I REALLY want just to relax my hair a little to make it seem wavy but I DO NOT want any of those chemicals near my head. Does anyone know of any tircks to make my curls softer for day and evening looks????
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    ive seen a few 3cs get a rollerset/ wetset which loosens and softens the curl. i would guess that the bigger the roller you use, the bigger the curls/waves will be
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    My curls are mostly tiny waves right now, I guess because I've been raking products in instead of squeezing, and my hair is getting a little bit longer so its heavier. So, if you rake through some heavy gel, and then put some heavy clips on the ends (well, on the ends of some clumps, since I'm sure you have other things to do), and leave the clips on for some time while it dries, you might get the effect you are after....
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    I would suggest maybe do bantu knots and let your hair dry in them...take it down and the curls are wavy and pretty. Natakue has pics in her fotki.

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    I don't know if it will work for certain, but try allowing your hair to air-dry in 15-twists and then comb with a wide tooth comb and it might give you a wavier effect.

    Also use a good leave-in to hydrate your hair like Qhemet hair milk or Carol's Daughter Hair milk.
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