One good thing about tandem nursing...

PixieCurlPixieCurl Registered Users Posts: 5,656 can lead to tandem napping!


Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. Of course Thing 2 woke up 15 minutes later, but it was a very quiet 15 minutes.
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  • burgundy_locksburgundy_locks Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte
    Oh man that pic is too cute!
    para los gustos se hicieron los colores

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  • medussamedussa Registered Users Posts: 12,993
    Oh I can't stand it, they're so cute!!!
  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Registered Users Posts: 3,778
    Aw. Babies in footie pajamas! *swoon*
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  • WileE-DeadWileE-Dead Banned Banned Users Posts: 24,963 Curl Neophyte
    lol @ thing 2!
    The little one was thing 1 or 2 halloween one year :lol:
  • geekygeeky Registered Users Posts: 4,995
    cuteness. killing. me.
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  • iris427iris427 Registered Users Posts: 6,002
    ::death by cuteness::
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Registered Users Posts: 31,259 Curl Connoisseur
    Looks like TWO good things to me, not one. :)

    BTW...we could use a clearer picture of that double cuteness...when you get a chance. And they don't have to be sleeping...or nursing. Just brothers together would be nice.
  • deezee02deezee02 Registered Users Posts: 1,509
    adorable...I am loving the sibling interaction

    Although Steven does not nurse, sometimes when I am feeding Callie sidelying, he will cuddle up next to her, rub her back and say "gentle Callie Cakes, Love Callie Cakes"

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  • KaiaKaia Registered Users Posts: 8,815 Curl Connoisseur
    So sweet!

    As much as I get annoyed sometimes that Dylan ALWAYS has to nurse when he sees his brother nursing, I really love tandem nursing (or "dual wielding" as my husband calls it :lol:). One time, however, I was nursing them on the couch and they both fell asleep. It was just me and the kids, so I had to carry two sleeping nursing babies (weighing in at a combined 56 pounds) to the bedroom. I'm sure we were a sight to behold.
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  • cosmicflycosmicfly Registered Users Posts: 1,814
    Oh how very very cute!

    I never tandem nursed, but somewhere I have a pic of Maya and Aidan tandem napping. No cute footie pajamas though, it was June. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  • irociroc Registered Users Posts: 7,890 Curl Neophyte
    I just want to scoop up that little warm baby in his jammies!
  • Brown_Eyed_GirlBrown_Eyed_Girl Registered Users Posts: 1,353 Curl Neophyte
    So cute, Pixie!
  • curly_keltiecurly_keltie Registered Users Posts: 791
    That is freakin' adorable!
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  • fuzzbucketfuzzbucket Registered Users Posts: 996 Curl Connoisseur
    Love the brotherly love! We aren't tandem nursing, but the boys do sleep together a bit. Harry spoons behind Nathan and rubs his head while I nurse Nate to sleep.

    (We do the Thing 1 & 2 thing as well. Nate has a "Thing 2" onesie!)
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  • DelmaDelma Registered Users Posts: 1,121
    Super cute pic!!! I can't believe how big Abram is he looks like he's half Sols size already!
  • PixieCurlPixieCurl Registered Users Posts: 5,656
    Thanks everyone!!

    Kaia - 56 pounds?!?!?!? Wow!

    Delma - he is big! 51st percentile at his one-month check-up, which sounds average but is really big for my family (especially compared to his brother, who's been off-the-charts for weight since 9 months).
    Faith, 3Aish redhead
    Mama to two wild superheroes and a curly-headed baby boy :love5:

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