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You may have seen the infomercial for The Instyler Straightener on the television, and thought "Oh god that won't work." But I bought one about two weeks ago and used it this past weekend, and it straightend my hair perfectly.
Did anyone else try it? What are your comments on it?
alexandra <3


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    there are a few threads on here posting on the Instyler, alot of info, alot of ladies have used it with good/bad results

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    i bought my instyler last week, and it straightened my hair perfectly :). of course, it took a few spins and a few burns to get used to, but the video that came with it helped. it makes my hair rrrlly smooth, and it doesnt dry it out, but im still far i love it
  • curlzRmecurlzRme Registered Users Posts: 11
    I HATE THE INSTYLER! IT PULLED MY HAIR AND MADE IT ALL FALL OUT! I have to comb/ brush my hair first, or blow dry it straight. I PLAIN HURT MY SCALP!
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    I have had the instyler for like a year now and I thinka it straightens ok but it depends on hair type and thickness plus a major con is you cant use any styling products with this.
  • Sweet_dreams11Sweet_dreams11 Registered Users Posts: 103
    My mother bought it and insisted on using it on my hair when I came home for spring break. It did straighten my hair very well, but the roots were a bit too voluminous, and I just didn't like the process of using the InStyler at all. It did quite a number on my hair and I'm scrambling to fix it!
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