Please help me decide (Curls or Qhemet)! Also posted in 4a

downwardspiralsdownwardspirals Registered Users Posts: 45
I am in need of a really good hair moisturizer and I can't decide between Qhemet heavy cream or [buylink=]Curls Milkshake[/buylink]. I have very dry 4a/4b hair and I need something that will give me soft hair with some definition.

I have heard very good things about both products and I have tried Curls with okay results. I love the Hair Tea conditioner but I was unimpressed with the Whipped Cream.

Since both products are a little pricey, I can't afford to be dissapointed. Please give me your feedback so it can aid me in choosing.



  • PolarisPolaris Registered Users Posts: 18
    Hey there,

    I've been using Qhemet heavy alma cream for over a year now. I can honestly say that I like what it does for my hair. It's super emollient (moisturizing). However, if you do decide to purchase it, use a little at a time though. Too much can leave your hair very oily. I've never tried Curls products before. My hair is 4B texture, and I just recently took twist extensions out after about a year of having them in.

    Just my $0.02

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