Im new and i have a tons of pictures

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EDIT: Since the pms r down ill just put my password on here for a minute becus some have been asking its pw:qwerty
Previously posted in 3c- Hello u guys, ive been around for awhile looking threw different albums admiring everyonce hair. Ive finally taken some time out to create a album of my very own. My hair has under gone alot with in the past yr n a half. I did the big chop late agust. no exzactly sure of the date but i did it. Unforunatly i no longer have the photos of the chop but i am transitionging while im n braids. I have a couple pictures and u guys r more than welcome to check out. So check them out and leave a comment. also if anyone could be so kind to tell me what my hair type is. I know i have mixtures but i would deffenitly love some feed back
Many Textures..Very Dry, Very Coarse hair
plain and simple Im 4a-3b mostly 4a&3c


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    You have very nice curls!

    What products are you using, or have you had time to evaluate which products you like best yet?
    co-washing with any Aubrey Organics product
    Olive Oil +/under leave-in for super soft hair!
    Whipped Karite/Shea or Avocado butter leave-in
    Also lots of water, pilates and meditation
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    Hello curls r great and welcome to the forum :)

    Your curls are gorgeous. They look more 3c to me. From what I can see, the corkscrews are well defined and lack a lot of the "cotton candy" appearance common in 4a's. Now having said that, there could be 4a aspects to your hair, I just didn't see much on your photos. Don't let that keep you from posting here on the 4a board though; as there tends to be a lot of overlap in 3c and 4a hair types and products and techniques tend to work equally well for both hair types :D
    Dense kinky-curly; healthy and growing strong!

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