Are infant seats supposed to be in the middle of the backseat or on one side?

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My hubby put in the bases last night and he claims that the intructions said that on one side is safer than in the middle of the back seat. I've always seen carseats in the middle.
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    Put seat into place in the vehicle. The middle of the back seat is best, but you may not get the best fit there. It's better to have a great fit in an outboard position than to have a mediocre fit in the middle position.
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    Typically it is said that the middle is best. However, some car seats (and some cars) do not fit a car seat best in the middle. The safest place is wherever the car seat manual (and car manual) say. If the car seat doesn't fit properly in the middle than it is no longer the safest place.
    If the car seat is put on a side, than it is recommended to put it on the drivers side -- it is said that the driver automatically tries to protect that side during an accident, therefore the car seat is safest on that side.
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    It's been over 14 years for me, but I recall hearing lots back then about the middle of the back seat being the safest spot for an infant seat.
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    Normally my son's carseat is in the middle. However one time we went out with my mom, brother, and his baby girl and we had to put both carseats at the sides (hers wouldn't fit right beside of his) and I sat in between them. Both ways worked because car seat was secure.
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    You can study it all in minute detail, but it all comes down to what is the "most best". The safest spot is really the place where the carseat fits best. Each carseat is a little different, as is each car. You do the best you can with the carseat and car that you have.

    Besides, if you have more than one child, who wants to make the decision of which child is the most valuable and gets to sit in the "safe" spot.
  • Jess2316Jess2316 Posts: 617Registered Users
    Thanks everyone...We actually found out the police station is having a car seat check clinic thing on Saturday so we're going to bring both cars down and have them double check and get things all ready. The officer I talked to yesterday said just to bring all the stuff and owner's manuals with and they'd take care of it. I told him it was in there pretty good and he's like "oh I promise we can get it in there even better". So that's nice!
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