jan 09 - jan 2010 comparison pix

curlissimacurlissima Posts: 51Registered Users
very often i feel "stuck" in the journey. i try to take many pictures so i can look back and actually see GROWTH

i'm happy with my growth so far. i don't take stretched out pictures because i feel like there's no point since i have no intention of ever having my hair straight!

09 (about 5 months into transition):


beginnings of a curl pattern...

'10 (17 months)



i'm really happy. i wish the crown curled as well as the edges do :(

maybe i can work with it..

i wore a weave for the whole years...

anyway...no one in my life is transitioning so i have no support network but you guys. so i thought i'd share :)


  • elixandreaelixandrea Posts: 31Registered Users
    your hair looks wowsome! :salute:
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  • hamptonsfnsthamptonsfnst Posts: 106Registered Users
    Keep up the good work. When did you BC?
  • curlissimacurlissima Posts: 51Registered Users
    thanks, ladies. i appreciate it. :)

    i BC'ed in november

    i will be extensions-free in the spring. I could do it now, but it's too cold up here (canada) and i don't know how to deal with my hair yet.

    i'll start experimenting in the spring/summer
  • appelerlesloupsappelerlesloups Posts: 10Registered Users
    Your hair is beautiful! Such a quick progress you made.
    I believe I last relaxed December 2009. I am on a path to nappturality!
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  • EkaetteEkaette Posts: 356Registered Users
    Awesome progress! I love your curls

    4b natural
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Beautiful progress! Regarding the crown you really have to work product through the hair there. Best way to rake product in is to pull it gently through your fingers in an up, not down directions, or just do it bending over. Make sure the hair is really soaking too. Hair near the nape is always wetter than any other because it catches drippies from -- the crown!
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  • blessedhimeblessedhime Posts: 1,458Registered Users
    Congratulations!!! :wav:
    Your coils are just beautiful and shiny. I love the progress you've made so far. Keep at it! :D
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  • ANKH66ANKH66 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Beautiful curls
  • FoxyCleopatraFoxyCleopatra Posts: 412Registered Users
    So pretty :)

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