Need a detangler for type 2a hair

KdeebeeKdeebee Registered Users Posts: 7
My daughter has 2a hair and she likes to wear it long. Its easy to get the comb through a day or two after its washed but she gets very knotty at the ends, I can't even get through it with a tangle teezer. I'm after a chemical free detangler that is also light on oils. I've seen Knottyboy on ebay but not sure how much oil is in it.

Thanks in advance
Do not remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain- Marcus Garvey


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    kinky curly knot today is a good light detangler/leave in.
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    Wash - HV Amala Cream Rinse or SheScentIt (SSI) Jojoba Hemp Conditioning Shampoo (to clarify)
    Leave-in -
    SSI Coco Creme Leave-In/Green Grape then seal with HV Cocasta Shikakai Oil or Komaza Coconut Curl Spray plus Coconut Curl Hair Lotion
    DC -
    SSI Banana Brulee
    Edges/twist outs - KCCC/Komaza
    Coconut Curly Pudding/Curl Gel-les`c

    Still sampling...just the PJ in me:toothy8:
  • KdeebeeKdeebee Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks, I can get that here in the u.k,
    Do not remove the kinks from your hair, remove them from your brain- Marcus Garvey

  • destin3g99destin3g99 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Also, make sure you are getting her ends trimmed often. I am a 2A also and my hair gets tangled very easily. I can tell when I'm over due for a trim just by how hard it is to comb my hair when it's wet. Get an inch or two trimmed off to get rid of the dead ends and I bet you can comb it a lot easier.
    CG since 3/19. I've never worn my hair curly, I didn't even KNOW that it was curly, just wavy enough to be annoying. But it's getting curlier with CG.

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