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I went CG a month ago, and for the most part I’m happy with it. The only problem is that I think I’m getting product build-up. I can see flakes on my scalp and when I comb my hair in the shower, the hairs left on the comb white have gunk on them.

I’m new at this, and am curious why this happened, and what I can do to stop/prevent it. I co-wash every 2-3 days. A couple weeks in, I switched from Suave Naturals to White Rain, and I notice the WR is thinner. Could this be the problem? Am I using too much product, or is there some ingredient I need to stay away from? Also, I’ve heard of some people using brown sugar to get rid of buildup, how do I do this? Any comments would be helpful.
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  • Laura LeeLaura Lee Registered Users Posts: 1,828
    Brown sugar scrubs are really effective at getting rid of white gunk for me. Read about how I do them here:

    While you're a month in and it may seem like you've gotten adjusted to CG, remember that it can take longer than that to fully transition. Your scalp may be overcompensating in oil production still. Give it some brown sugar scrubbing, some time, lots of scrubbing on just plain cowash days, and if need be, conditioners with tea tree oil help get rid of the white gunk too (like Giovanni's tea triple treat conditioner).
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    I'm having the same problem :? let me know if anything works for you.
    I've tried a baking soda scrub then an acv rinse, and then I tried the acv rinse alone. The baking soda made my curls almost wavy and flat-looking, and I didn't seem to get anything out of it. But the acv alone definitely helped me for a day or two. You should see if that helps you!
    And I'm going to try the brown sugar scrub tomorrow! :p
  • jenny curljenny curl Registered Users Posts: 1,814
    Try mixing your co-wash conditioner with lemon juice and scrub your scalp, or mix your conditioner with sugar and scrub away, then do an ACV rinse....that helped me when my scalp was getting some oil buildup, causing itch and dryness.... I too am also fairly new at CG, I've only been on it for a month and so far its been a lot of trial and error, but definitely worth it!
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  • ChevelureChevelure Registered Users Posts: 101
    I would use Devacurl's "Low Poo" or Hair Rules's Aloe Grapefruit Cleansing Shampoo. I think that some people are too fetishistic about not using any shampoo.
  • jenny curljenny curl Registered Users Posts: 1,814
    Well here's the thing... some CGs absolutely NEED to cut poo out of their regimen to grow beautiful hair, since healthy hair starts at the scalp, and we all have different scalp needs.

    Seedspins, in your case, you may not have a dry scalp to begin with, so as Chevelure said, a low poo may do you a great deal of good. You should also determine your type of hair and work off of that.... I think some people may try the CG method and not had any problems with their hair/scalp to begin with. If your normal regimen works, keep it! :) hth
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  • seedspinsseedspins Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thanks, guys. I tried the brown sugar for a while, and I might even go back to my cone-filled moisturizing shampoo any day now. I understand that this is all about finding out what works best for my hair, which might be different than others'.
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    Hey Seedspins, if you really have buildup and not something else going on, I have a great product and the only thing that it has in it that may not be totally CG is glycerin. And the only reason I said "something else going on" is because you sounded like you might be doubtful that it is buildup! I am just starting this CG thing myself so I know we are all kind of feeling our way in the dark when we start! It is the above stated "bain de terre sugar and fig scalp massage". You can get it the cheapest off and you get four treatments for $18 (shipping & handling it is about $25 total). There are instructions on it and it is easy to use. The only thing is, when you use it? Your curls at the scalp level really spring back up (or mine did!), because it gets rid of all the things weighing your hair down on top. Hope this may have helped!
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