I want even curlier hair!

SophieSpectorSophieSpector Posts: 1Registered Users
I have 2b hair, the picture of Sandra Oh ( who I simply adore and think is the most attractive member of grey's anatomy and the only one who dosn't look like a barbie doll ) is quite a good example of what my hair is like naturally.

i'm caucasian with brunette(black) strong and long hair

I would love to have hair like this ( not the same colour ) ..


I was wondering what perm & styling I would require

I would prefer to get a perm and then use masks than have to spend an hour everyday with a curling iron!!


  • anonymous_29030anonymous_29030 Posts: 619Registered Users
    Not sure if this would work for you but recently bought Got2Be Kinky Curling Mousse which made my 3B/C hair even curlier. It really enhances curls.
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    My hair used to be similar--in the winter (summer 3a curls.) Read and learn here--my curl looks like my signature picture every day.
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    Plopping make my hair curlier. The longest I plop, the curliest they are!
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