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Im discovering that at 44 and letting my hair go naturally curly has proven to be a challenge. Unlike when I was in my 20's I could slap on any product and get great results. But now Im clueless so much is out there and no one I know has curly hair and so Im always wondering how much to use and so forth. In my frustration I decided to give up using all that goo. And to my surprise my hair seems to respond so much better without it. Has anyone else discovered that thier curls seem to bounce with renewed life when they stopped using all that "stuff". I cant go completely poo free so I use the rosemary mint line from Sauve and found that it alone does the trick. No gel, creams, sprays, or muds needed to get my curls springing to life anymore. I love how full and bouncy my curls have become. Oh and I just recently dyed my auburn locks to a golden blond and wow what a difference its made in how Im viewed by non-curlies...lovin it.!!!!


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