My little niece's cute twists

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My sister sent me these cute pictures of her 5 year old daughter's twists. She took her to a natural hairdresser. I'm so glad my sister didn't slap a perm in her hair like our mom did us from birth (:sad3:).


  • virgo76virgo76 Registered Users Posts: 45
    Her hair is beautiful :)
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  • squigglycurlssquigglycurls Registered Users Posts: 82
  • GretchenGretchen Moderators Posts: 10,840 Curl Virtuoso
    Beautiful! You should add the pix here:[]=59

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    You are beautiful!
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    Her hair is beautiful and looks really healthy!
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    Her hair looks great!!! I love how the top was done!!!!
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  • madhuri_dixit_fanmadhuri_dixit_fan Registered Users Posts: 310
    Beautiful...I'm so jelly over the intricate top design and shine!
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  • Curly_Cajun_FemmeCurly_Cajun_Femme Registered Users Posts: 342
    Her hair is gorgeous.....

    The style reminds me of a good friends hair from many years ago, 1st grade to be exact. I loved the style so much then and still do today.
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    @Daddy's Curly Cajun Baby

    WHODAT! :occasion7: I'm originally from New Orleans.

    @ Gretchen

    I just added the pix and titled it "Nyla's Twists."
  • Cali ChikCali Chik Registered Users Posts: 1,494
    omg those are too cute. I want my hair like that
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