looking for a way to lengthen my curls

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I've finally come to a place where I actually like the look of my curls more than straightened hair. However, when left to it's own devices, the curl tightens up too much and looks short and big. I want longer, smoother curl. I've tried achieving this using gel and twisting my hair in sections, then difusing, which worked for awhile, but isn't anymore. Anyone know of any products that work to loosen up the curl?
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

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    How long is your hair? Are you opposed to using heat?

    I use to stretch my roots with an air concentrator and that loosens up the curl a lot. Check out this site:

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    I don't do the shingling part, but you can if you like. But the last few steps they show the stylist stretching the roots. Make sure the hair is completely dry and then grab random pieces. Works great!

    Also, I pull my hair down into a low pony with a clip when it's about 80-90% dry. This stretches it out some, preventing it from shrinking all the way.

    Also, I've heard of some people putting clips on the ends of the curls to stretch them out a bit. I've done this and it works, but I hate the feeling of the clips clinking around all over the place.

    As far as products, gel (fantasia) works great for me and so does Garnier Soft Curl Creme. They both give me more elongated curls and frizz control. If you finger curl you'll probably get more of the look you want :)