Protein Treatment-Egg Bomb

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Not sure if this has been posted prior or not but thought I would share it.

1 egg yolk-no whites
2 tblsp olive oil
1 tsp honey

Make sure the egg is room temp

Whisk together the olive oil and honey. In a separate bowl whisk the yolk and add the oil/honey mixture to the yolk. Put into dry hair and then wrap with saran wrap or shower cap. You can heat with blow dryer but leave on 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition after 30 minutes is up.

I have not tried it yet but it gets rave reviews on MUA.
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    If you are using eggs DO NOT heat! From personal experience I can tell you the egg will get cooked in your hair. It doesn't smell or look good after that happens.
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    Yesterday I actually made my own Deep Conditioner..

    I used..

    One EGG
    1/4 Cup Mayo
    3 TBL Spoon Olive Oil
    1 TBL Spoon JoJoBa Oil
    3 TBL Spoon Coconut Oil
    Shea Butter

    I mixed it all together and separated my hair and applied for about an hour.. When i washed it my hair felt softer and stronger.. It was a good mix.

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