Curly Hair Going Straight?

I'm probably freaking out prematurely, but I've been thinking lately that my curly hair might be starting to go straight. I'm super worried about, because I absolutely LOVE having curly hair. The part that's getting straight is mostly just the top of my head and the rest is 3a curls. It doesn't look bad, it's just my hair used to be curly on top, too. I don't really shampoo, I wash in cold water (my boyfriend is biracial and he told me cold water makes his curls tighter), and right now I mostly use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted for a conditioner. I've stopped actually brushing, and instead picking out my hair by hand in the shower. Basically, I've been trying every method I could find on making curly hair curlier, but I'm still not sure what's going to show real results.

Does anyone have products recommendations, tips on care in general?

Also, I was wondering if I should cut my hair shorter. Even though having long hair hasn't been a problem in the past, I know it can weigh down curls. Right now, my hair is about 6 inches or so past the top of my shoulders.

I'd really appreciate any advice because I don't want to just let me hair change if I can stop it.


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    The part that's getting straight is mostly just the top of my head and the rest is 3a curls.

    This is probably the most difficult part for all curly heads, since it's exposed to all elements (wind, air pollution, sun damage etc). I honestly think a visit to a stylist will help (trim damaged ends, add layers maybe).

    Also, if you sleep on your back, friction between your hair and a pillowcase can add to the problem. Try a satin one?

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    right now I mostly use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted for a conditioner.

    I looked up the ingredient list for this conditioner and found that it has both Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone. These are both silicones that are not water soluble, so if you're not shampooing, they're most likely building up on your hair and might be weighing it down (hence the lack of curl). Maybe try switching to a conditioner without silicones and see if that helps? They're pretty easy to spot on product labels. Anything that ends in -cone, -conol, or -xane is what you want to avoid.
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    Cutting your hair depends on your curl....My daughter's hair gets curlier the longer it is... mine is curlier the shorter it is.
    I'd definitely look at your products tho.
    For some of us, going CG gives us more curl.

    What exactly have you tried?
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    For years every winter I was sure I was losing my curls and my hair was going straight. My hair always straightens out more in the winter so it could just be a weather thing? In the summer curls just seem to come easier for me. Try different condishioners, heavier ones might help.
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    The same thing has happened to me over the last four years or so. I used to have very curly, kinky hair (almost like a bi-racial person), but the older I get it's becoming straight at the roots and I have loose, wavy curls. In my case, it's not a product issue. I think the hormonal changes (and other chemical changes in your body) that occur as you get older can affect what happens to your curls.
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    hi i have a serious curl problem also, but instead of my hair curling the left side is just wavy and the other side is curly. Ive tried everything to not brushing it, washing it in cold water and everything else thrown at me but nothing seems to work and i cant wear my hair curly because it looks like two totally different hair styles on both sides. i have to straighten it but i want to wear it natural.........HELP ME