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I just remembered this tip from someone:

If you have trouble giving your infant medicine with a dropper or a syringe, try putting the dose in a bottle nipple.

I wish I had remembered that before losing most of Nathan's last antibiotic dose to his tongue thrust reflex. I put the Motrin in one of his bottle nipples and presto!!

Anyone have tips for toddlers, besides bribery?
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    related to the nipple idea: put a little of the dose from the dropper into the baby's mouth then let them suck on a pacifier so they'll swallow the medicine. Repeat with the dropper then the pacifier until you've given the baby the full dose. (I learned this by watching the nurse give my daughter oral vaccine)

    for a toddler: mix it with something (pudding, yogurt, applesauce or something else that you know your child will finish).

    When my 4 year old had his tonsils removed last year, we mixed his pain med with slurpees. He also had a very nasty tasting antibiotic but our pharmacy added flavoring for $5. The flavor was stronger than the bitterness of the medicine and there were about 20 choices of flavors!

    Also, my kids never liked to drink pedialyte but they'll eat the popsicle version.:icon_smile:
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    I don't have any tips because Alexander has never met a medicine he didn't like. I am going to keep reading though because I am sure Sebastian will be normal and not be a fan of drugs.

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  • fuzzbucketfuzzbucket Posts: 996Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Well, the nipple was a bust with the antibiotic. That is 2 doses lost on Nathan. Tonight we try it in a bottle of breastmilk.
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  • deezee02deezee02 Posts: 1,509Registered Users
    You should never mix medications in a bottle or something like a full cup of pudding/applesauce, the child does not get all the medication (even if they finish everything), thus making the medication less effective.

    You can mix a little bit of the medication on a spoon with pudding/applesauce/mashed potaoes and give it to them little by little.

    The best way is to get little syringes (1 mL, they are long and skinny) and give the medication a little at a time (so if they get 3/4 a tsp I think it was 3.8 mL,so we gave Steven 3 one mL's full and then .8 mL), you can get that small syringe deep into the back of their cheek.

    We also sing songs, When he was little I would since 5 little ducks and then shoot the med in during the quack quack part acting all nuts to distract him

    Stick the small syring in while they are drinking a bottle (it is small so it will fit right into the side of their mouth

    When Steven starts gagging with meds we act all crazy dancing and jumping and clapping our hands to distract him

    Mix some [buylink=]milkshake[/buylink]/chocolate milk/BM into the syring with the medication (draw the medication up then then something else to fill it)

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    When DS was a baby, I would put the dropper along the side of his cheek as far back as it would go (you won't get him/her) and then administer the medicine.

    When DS had pink eye when he was 2, I had to pin him down and then administer the drops. That was fun. :rolleyes:
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