Question about a straightie child

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But, I thought I might find an answer here.

I have a 4 yo niece. She has straight hair, but a very sensitive scalp and sensitive hair. She absolutely cannot stand to have her hair combed/brushed dry. She will burst into tears if you even mention it. She can only have it combed wet while conditioner is in or just after it has been rinsed. My sister has kept her hair short, no more than chin length, for this reason. Sometimes her scalp looks red the way my face looks red if I'm sunburnt or irritated. She's a redhead with somewhat sensitive skin.

My sister uses baby shampoo with a gentler sulfate.

Has anyone had this type of a situation. Would sulfate free help?
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    How often does she wash her hair?

    When my daughter was a little baby, I washed her hair every day with baby shampoo. Her scalp was flaky and had some cradle cap, and it just wouldn't go away. One day it occurred to me that she doesn't need her hair shampooed every day, since she doesn't even get greasy or anything yet. I cut back to 1-2 times a week, and her scalp healed up almost right away.
    Switching shampoos might help, too.

    (BTW, my daughter doesn't have straight hair. She didn't even have much hair then. :wink: )
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