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I apologize for making a thread here since I don't have a product to sell. However, I am looking for the person who may have received an 8oz jar of Afroveda Curly Custard from boingboing for a swap that was supposed to be for a different product(s) with her.

After 2 weeks of waiting for delivery, this swap ended yesterday with my receiving of someone's DB sample kit. I posted in that thread and the rightful owner of the DB sample kit stated that she did not get the AV CC that I paid for. Without going into all the details, suffice to say, I have sent a number of PMs throughout this transaction period with a final one sent yesterday asking her to whom she may have sent the product. Still no response as of this post.

I know that boingboing sold several products at the same time at the end of December, so I am simply asking if another person who made a transaction with her at that time received my product, please send me a PM.

Again, I wanted to make sure this was seen by more people since everyone does not read older product threads, so I made a separate post. I didn't know what else to do at this point.

Thanks in advance.
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    :evil3:Just want to put out there that it's in ALL of our best interest to stay on top of "READING" the Bad Swapper/Buyer experiences other's may have had with other's on the Bad List board. If you do so you'll know just WHO to be aware of or maybe even STAY away from, & at the end of the day if you CHOOSE to move fwd w/ someone who has been on this list, your DEFINITELY doing so at YOUR OWN RISK. It isn't fair for others to take advantage of other's on this board (REpeatedly). They should/will be reported to NC Moderators...

    Sorry to hear about your transaction mishap EkuaSoul.:-?
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