Cradle Cap?

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Or sebhorric dematitis or whatever it is.

I went shampooless several months ago. I always struggled to find a product in the UK that didn't contain all sorts of nasties. I've been alternating between cowashing and just water washing depending on how my hair was feeling.

It isn't overly curly, more lightly wavy, but it is the longest that it has ever been and because the ends have all sorts of bounce going on, and the top is quite flat, I think it's the weight that is holding it back.

What concerns me more however is the state of my scalp. My hair dresser likened it to cradle cap.

I'd tried a new product and after a few uses, came out in a rash on my forehead, so thought maybe it was related to that. That was a couple of months ago now and the problem hasn't cleared. It's worst at the back, has the same sort of texture as chapped dry skin, but it's definitely a bit oily.

Any suggestions? I'm loathe to go back to washing with shampoo because my hair is so much healthier, but it's embarassing and I'd like to get my hair cut soon. Maybe I'm just not scrubbing hard enough but I don't know if I can scrub much harder.

If you're recommending products I'm in the UK. If I have to I'll go see the doctor over it but I'd rather not.
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    You could try coating your midshaft and ends with conditioner and then using the shampoo on your scalp only.

    Selsun Blue worked great for my babies when they had cradle cap. Literally gone within a week. I believe cradle cap is the same as sebhorric dematitis in adults.

    Just make sure to shake it first.

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