Do CG natural consuhes go bad after awhile?

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Hi all! I looooooooove MyHoneyChild Honey Nutt condish and invested in three bottles! (I am still finishing off another bottle).

I am just wondering, do I have to refrigerate the stuff if it's unopened or is keeping it in my closet OK for awhile? I'd hate for it to go bad! :( Thanks so much!
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    I'd guess that it's made to have a long shelf life. Keeping it in the under-the-sink cabinet or wherever you'd normally put extra toiletries should be fine.
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    If you've got that many and you know you it might be a while before you use them all up, I'd have nothing against putting them in a dark, cool place like the fridge. Just be sure to shake them up again really well when it comes time to use them. I'd probably put them in the fridge myself.
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