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does anyone know how to use this comb? it's a k-cutter comb that a lot of naturals use to detangle with. i just want to know when to use it, detangling before shampooing or after during deep treatment?


(for some reason the pic isn't showing, so i just put the link)
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    I use mine to comb through my treatments (protein, deep conditioner, etc) I use my denman when I poo.
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    i love the idea behind this comb because my hair is quite long, and short-teeth combs don't handle my hair as well as long-teeth combs. and the teeth of the k-cutter comb are long.

    my mother and sister used to have, what we called "rakes" which were shaped like the k-cutter, during the afro 70s. its handle was sturdy though. my mother used her rake for her fro and on my and my sister's natural hair.

    the k-cutter comb has a very flexible handle that makes it cumbersome to use for my length. i ended up having to hold it by the back of the teeth (like holdinga pick) to comb through my hair. i ended up giving it away; it hurt my palms to use it.

    if the handle had been firm, it would have been my perfect comb-pick.

    i ended up buying a detangling comb from a local beauty supply store that has teeth that are about 3.5 inches long. it isn't a wide-tooth comb, but i've discovered that as my hair gets longer, a wide-tooth comb doesn't detangle and clear out my hair as well as this comb. it's made of durable plastic with double coated teeth and wavy finger-grips on the handle. i paid under 2 bucks for it.
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    I know this is off topic, but Natakue, your hair looks amazing. You are my hair inspiration!
  • NatakueNatakue Posts: 319Registered Users
    thanks honey! :oops: and welcome to naturallycurly! :D

    thanks rainshower! it's good to hear that detangling combs actually work for 4a hair. i've always been afraid of using them. but i ended up using the k-cutter that same day...couldn't wait for instructions :lol: i did a pre-poo treatment, wet it again after it was in my hair for a while and combed with the k-cutter. it was great! i lost so much less hair with this than when i use my scalp scrubber brush thingy. i'm going to try it during one of my regular cowashes and see how that works out.

    so far, i like it! :D
    a crazy 4a/3c mix
    o/s; thin; thready/cottony?

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