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I've been seeing the same stylist since I was 5 (I'm 16 now), and ever since my hair curled, it's been a disaster if I wanted more than a trim. She once gave me bangs that couldn't blend for anything, and although I love her to death (She's a curly herself, but doesn't care for her hair properly), I want my hair cut short and I don't want to risk a bad haircut. She always cut me wet and blow dried, which I found slightly abhorrent. I want to go to a stylist that's in the St. Louis area, but not in the city proper. I've searched the Salon Finder here and have had no luck as far as a salon close enough to home and cheap enough for me. I wanted to know if anyone has found any hidden gems in the Midwest!
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    I can't help you out with a stylist outside of the city, but I just found an amazing stylist just across from the galleria. She gave me referral coupons to hand out, so if you are interested I can send you one (with the 50% off the cut would be $25--which is an amazing deal for a really good curly cut!) PM me if you want one and if you plan on going because I get 50% off for every 2 people who bring back the referral cards :)
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