How different are your kids?

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Steven was a hard baby, not only did/does he have a terminal heart issue, he had colic, reflux, cut one tooth at a time for a month each, sensory issues, sleeping issues, food issues ect, the list could go on. He was always super interative and had high energy, he wanted to be the center of attention 100% of the time.

Callie on the other hand is the complete oppisite, there are time she wakes up from her naps and just plays in her pack and play silently...if I did not have a video monitor I would never know when she was awake. She goes down for a nap every 1-2 hours, I can lay her down and she just rolls over and falls asleep. She is perfectly happy just watching Steven run around acting goofy. She does not look for attention (I remember Steven did at this age), but is happy playing with her toys. There are times I worry she is going to either get lost in the madness of Steven or she is just holding it all in and we are totally in for it when she is a teenager.

So...are your kids alike or different?

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    They're all different. I like them that way. It discourages me from comparing them. I find I remember an awful lot of details about each one of their births and early lives, probably because each is so unique.
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    Mine are all different as well (although they are all LOUD!). I like them different; too much of one personality would be overkill :wink:
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    Obviously, I have no idea about their personalities since Davin isn't born yet, but so far, Danae and Davin are very similar in their in-utero behavior! Danae was a massive wiggler and super-strong kicker, and so is Davin. I have a feeling he's going to be tall, too (Danae was 21 1/2 inches at birth).
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    My two are a lot like yours, Deezee.

    Karan is Mr. Personality and needs lots and lots of attention and stimulation. He's never been interested in toys - he just wants to be with people. He was colicky and is still the worst sleeper.

    Sandhya on the other hand, is only now at age 2, starting to show some personality. She is quiet and independent and a little sneaky (she has needed a lot more babyproofing than Karan because she will quietly get into everything). She LOVES toys and can sit and play quietly for hours. She has been sleeping in her own room since 6 months old and STTN shortly after that. But she is also so slow compared to her brother - she's not talking or walking yet.

    I'm amazed at how different they are. You think you have it all figured out after you have the first one and then second one has completely different needs.
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    Neither of mine were difficult babies and toddlers generally speaking but the second one just seemed a lot more relaxed, easy going etc. I think that may have partly been due to me being more relaxed and confident. As they've got older (they're 15 and 12) they are poles apart in their personalities, teachers at their primary school who taught them both have even commented on just how different they are. You would never think they'd been brought up by the same parents in the same house. Luckily they get on well, most of the time.
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    My girls are night and day. They both crack me up constantly, but their personalities couldn't be more different.

    Bailey is her daddy's clone, and Bella is a mini me. They each take after us in every way. Bailey and Shawn share a birthday. Bella and I are 4 days apart. Bailey took after the Irish side, Bella, the Italian. Funny.
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    Mine are different in a lot of ways. Connor was a fussy baby, and Oliver was super easy going. But, Connor got onto a schedule much more quickly and slept through the night (12 hours straight) very consistently from 5 months on. Oliver wasn't sleeping that well until he was close to a year.

    Personality-wise, Connor is very stubborn and opinionated and he wants what he wants. He's also more of a homebody and can entertain himself well. Oliver wants to be in the middle of the action, and he's very mischievous.
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    Harry was very high energy and intense, yet happy. Nathan is very laid back and happy. Harry never slept, Nathan can sleep through almost anything. Harry was very physically precocious and Nathan is more typical. Harry didn't babble much, Nate "talks" to us a lot. They both are very funny and sweet. I see both me and DH in both of them, but if I had to pinpoint it, Harry is DH and Nathan is me.
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