First day CG with Pics

mmarrerommarrero Registered Users Posts: 36
Started today. I clarified last night.

This morning my routine was
CO washed with Suave Coconut
LA Sport Gel
Biotera Gel

I scrunched in the shower with a little bit of conditioner. Then I got out of the shower an immediately switched to gel, alternating between the two. Then I scrunched with an old T-shirt in my hand to pull out the extra water. I let it air dry as much as I could. But the windchill was 6 degrees today. I had to dry it some.

I can already tell a difference. Hooray!



  • juliewoojuliewoo Registered Users Posts: 88
    Wow, looks great for day 1 :thumright: My hair doesn't look nearly that good and I've been at it for almost 3 weeks.
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  • eweniqueewenique Registered Users Posts: 1,502 Curl Neophyte
    Looks great!
    2C wavy with some spirals. CG since April 07. Medium texture and porosity.
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    Stylers: Miss Jessies Coily Custard, KCCC

    Live Simply. Use Soap
  • AlexjoujouAlexjoujou Registered Users Posts: 2,364
    Looks excellent!!!

    Its only gonna get better!
    FIA 2c/3aFi

    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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