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Does anyone use a mousse to define their curls?
If so, what products work for you?
If not, why don't you?
Gels seem to be doing next to nothing these days (was using IC w/Sparklelites, which worked for a while. Now...) so I think I want to branch out to something else.
Thanks in advance.
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  • PreciousHoneyPreciousHoney Posts: 254Registered Users
    My usual is Eluence mbc as a conditioner/leave in followed by Finesse Mousse then a small amount of HE set me up gel.

    Now I know the mousse can make me look a tad dry if I dont make sure to keep my hair moisturized.

    Precious Honey :)
    3c with some 3b at the bottom.
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    Light protein use

    Co-wash: Suave Daily Clarifying Co
    Rinse-out: Back to Basics Pom Peach (old bottle) or GVP Conditioning Balm
    DT: GVP Condidtioning Balm with heat
    Leave in: Elucence MBC
    Gel: HEBE or Aussie Instant Freeze gel.
    Shampoo: Elucence Moisture Balance
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    Before i tried mixed chicks and eventually settled on Curls i used to use mousse.
    One that i found was really good was the Palmers frizz control one, i used it on really wet hair and only needed a small amount apparently it didn't contain alcohol so wasn't drying, it was really creamy and didn't disintergrate like a lot of other mousses i've used in the past.

    My hair always dried shiny and not crispy. If for some reason i go back to mousse this will be the one i go back to.
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