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It will be 5 months since I went completely natural, I did the big chop back in May . Iam so pleased with my decision I learned alot about how to style my hair. I find the following products helpful with my hair cream of nature shampoo, cream of nature conditioner, lustrasilk clolestestral conditioner, Jane Carter solution products leave in conditioner and moose, and good old Liv Conditioner by summit. I tried oils over the summer my hair would suck up the oil right up and other would just leave a oily film. I dont use heat on my hair just towel dry, I learned when I blow dry it my fro will have no definition and no style. The nice thing I get compliments on my hair aslo of course you get the negative people. I find I get more positive compliments then negative. I noticed now in the magazines there are natural styles being featured also the afros. In terms of trimming I hit the hair on the back of my neck overally my fro is growing in nicely,in the beginning I used to over trim it. The beauty of having natural hair is that I have more time to do other things and I save so much money. Used to pay a arm and leg to maintain a relaxed hair. I had relaxed hair for 28 years.


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    Wow what an inspiration on being natural. Thanks for sharing. I have been natural now since March or April and it seems to be working ok, I still have issues as to my hair but I do not want to go back to chems. I did the big chop off and have been trying so many products. I have used Jane Carter stuff as well and Curl Junkie.

    Thanks for sharing
    Last hair color 7/18/2005
    Last Perm Wave Nouveau 3/06/2006
    Transitioned unitl final BC on 8/21/06
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    Ditto. I am happy to hear of someone having a happy transition.

    My product staples are
    Aubrey Organics, Avalon Organics,
    Olive Oil,
    co-washing with any Aubrey Organics product
    Olive Oil +/under leave-in for super soft hair!
    Whipped Karite/Shea or Avocado butter leave-in
    Also lots of water, pilates and meditation
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    i found that what worked for me when my hair was shorter is death to my hair now at a longer length.

    i used to love cream of nature shampoo and certain suave products, now i cannot even think of using them.

    with 9 inches of hair i must be very careful not to damage it, i must keep it moisturized and prevent tangles at all costs. when my pocketbook allows, i try to exclusively use products made for highly texturized natural hair. i buy my products online from oyin, qhemet and carol's daughter.

    the only store bought products i use are by pantene. i alternate between pantene's daily moisturizing or relaxed and natural shampoos and conditioners.
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    I'm so glad you're enjoying your hair. I also see natural styles in more and more advertising. Was on my HMO website and lo and behold -- big natural hair! I love it.
    My blog -
    My FOTKI -

    Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
    Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
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    Iam so happy to read your responses and taking notes on how to care for my hair when it gets really long. It still short, not quite long enough to do coils .
    Another positive point ever hear the nay sayers say if you wear natural hair you will have a hard time getting a job. Well that is not true I recently found a position in a firm.
    I can tell you I feel more comforatble with myself with natural hair , I wished I would have done it sooner.
  • ConcernedCoilsConcernedCoils Posts: 106Registered Users
    frau, I think your hair is so pretty and healthy looking, I love it!
    co-washing with any Aubrey Organics product
    Olive Oil +/under leave-in for super soft hair!
    Whipped Karite/Shea or Avocado butter leave-in
    Also lots of water, pilates and meditation
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    I was relaxed for over 20 years, so I know it was a big adjustment for you.

    Congrats on going natural--it's a wonderfully liberating experience.

    I work as a career marketing professional, and I am natural. Doesn't harm my job performance or movement one bit.
    Natural pics:
    pw: kinky
    Hair type: Spongy & kinky texture. Coily & curly strands.

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