Does anyone remember what implantation bleeding was like? (possibly TMI)

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I'm wondering if I'm experiencing it now. It's only our first cycle trying and I was expecting a longer wait because I am still nursing and I had issues with my LP being really short - it got better with vitamin B6 and I have been getting 10 days, which is what I had pre-kids, so we decided to start trying. I am 10 dpo today, and this afternoon, I had a little spotting. There was a brown spot the size of a fingertip when I used the bathroom, and then an hour or two later, what looked like some cervical mucus tinged with pink blood, and then the next time I peed, the TP was a little pink, but nothing is showing on a pad. I sometimes spot right before my period starts but the flow usually starts right after that the same day and it hasn't, as I expected. So now I don't know if my period is just being weird starting and starting a little earlier than I would like, or if this is implantation bleeding. I also have some cramping and soreness and faint nausea and non-bloody discharge and I do sort of feel like my period is coming (I was expecting it tomorrow.) I googled implantation bleeding and it apparently is the right time for it and of the same description. I chart on the computer and it's telling me spotting now is a sign of possible pregnancy - but I don't want to get my hopes up too soon. I was just wondering if anyone else remembers any implantation bleeding. How soon after that did you get a positive pregnancy test? (assuming my period doesn't start soon, I would be tempted to take one tomorrow but I only have two and don't want to waste them - they aren't cheap.)
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    I never had implantation bleeding, but every time I was pregnant, I always felt like I was just about to get my period...and it never showed up. I'm sure time will resolve your question. I'd use the test tomorrow.
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    Good luck!!!!

    And Dollarama is now carrying tests. A girlfriend of mine who's an OBGYN says they are all the same!
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    Praying for you and excited at the same time. Definitely test.
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    I had implantation bleeding at 8-9 dpo, and I too had a short luteal phase and I remember thinking oh no, I'm not supposed to get my period yet. It usually came 10 dpo and I totally felt like it was coming, but it never did. I tested positive a few days later.

    The bleeding I had sounds like what you're describing, it was spotting for me, not really bleeding. I thought it was the beginning of my period.

    Since you know you're supposed to get your period tomorrow, you don't have long to wait to have your answer.

    Good luck!
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    If I remember correctly it takes about 2 days for your hcg to get high enough (after implantation) for a test to be accurate.
    Oh, and definitely get the dollar tests if you have them available.

    I did have implantation, but I thought nothing of it since I wasn't expecting to be pregnant. Mine was just some pink tinged cm on the toilet paper when I wiped. I had that on the 22nd (or maybe 23rd) of Dec, but I didn't test until Jan 3rd (by which time I was very late).
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    I had implantation bleeding. It was very minor (just a little smear of pink on the tp) and occured about a week after I'd ovulated. I had a little cramping, too, which was more of an indicator to me.

    I hope you get the test result you want! Good luck!
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    I never had implantation bleeding either, it was always like my period was goig to start; cramping, full on PMS, etc...but nothing ever happened. I never felt sickness or anything either. I jsut remember getting pissed off that I kept feeling like my period was coming and it wouldn't show up!

    I do remember feeling the implantation with my son, though. It was a very sharp pin-prick like feeling with a cramp...lasted maybe two seconds, but woke me up from a deep sleep. I remember knowing exactly what it was, too.

    My daughter, I remember my breasts feeling different. The only way I can describe it is that they felt more "alive." I remember e-mailing my husband and telling him I was pregnant, but I didn't get a positive test until 2 weeks (and many a test) later.

    Good luck with your TTC!

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