Looking for some Activate products !

anne-soanne-so Registered Users Posts: 4
Hi there :D !! I've posted in the Activate Hydrating Conditioner thread already that I was looking for some Activate products, I've never used them before but would really like to try them out... I'm new to the forum, and as you can see on the number of messages I've sent, I haven't posted much yet !! I'm still trying to find out what would be best for my hair (and my wallet too if possible :roll: ...), and Activate came out a lot for the few times I've been here !!

So from what I understood, this board is a way to get products from afar by another member's help, right ? He or she buys you the product, sends it to you and you pay him or her back ? I'd like to try that out, but as I'm only 16 and my parents are the ones paying for my products, I'm not sure they would want me to pay someone I don't even know over the Internet for a hair product... But hey, might as well ask them and see what happens !

Just wanted to ask, do I have to be a more "active" member on the forum before I can get to swap, like I need a minimum number of posts or something ? You know, so people can get to know me better and see if they want to trust me or not...

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