Baltimore, Maryland Curly Salons

emilybfryeemilybfrye Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi- I am new to I'd like some suggestions for curly salons in the Baltimore area.

I'm somewhat leaning towards Mane Tamer in Pikesville and am wondering what the prices are and what stylists you all recommend.



  • elitaelita Registered Users Posts: 402 Curl Neophyte
    :wave: Sorry I just saw this. Hello & welcome! I'm looking for a new stylist also so I'm bumping this post.

    Have your had your cut yet? If so, how did it go? If not, here are some older suggestions for salons south of Baltimore.

    I haven't been to Mane Tamer so I can't comment there. I've tried Cavallaro & Co. in Columbia. I liked my cuts but didn't feel really comfortable with my stylist. From reading the salon reviews, Patrik Alan Salon in Arnold seems to be a favorite!

    Hopefully someone closer to Baltimore will chime in!:toothy8:
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    Hey, I don't know what texture your hair is, but for 3's, 4's and locks Dreadz n Headz is great. They have a website
  • kayaellekayaelle Registered Users Posts: 301
    I'm not from Baltimore but my friend lives there. I saw this thread a few weeks ago but couldn't find it after I asked her where she went (she's also CG)

    She went to Cavallaro and Company in but might try Mane Tamers in Pikesville because of their awesome reviews on

    Hope that helps :)
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