Bio-softener/ Wave nouveau/ or texturizer review?

Greetings all. I am new to the boards and just love all the information everyone has. Seeing all these curly photos makes me want to stay natural, but I am so tired of worrying about my hair. I was reading about the bio-softener at Curlisto, and the silkner, but I am so confused, because they all cost so much. Anyone feel positive about any of these processes?


  • FormerCurlyFormerCurly Posts: 35Registered Users
    I'd like to know too, especially about the Curlisto treatment (bio-softener)! TIA
  • drkncurlydrkncurly Posts: 3Registered Users
    i just posted a reply on the topic texturize? if you read it i think it should encourage you and give you some answers.

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