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I just tried a new salon - due to the fact that getting in and out of the city (NY) isn't always an option with work and a 2yr old! So, I thought I'd share...
I really love the cut and they seem to know curly hair quite well - it's the first place I've been to that actually carries Jane Carter as one of the items they sell as well as Deva (but they do not do Deva cuts here).
It's in central NJ, Highland park, Michael Bian http://www.michaelbianc.com/
They seemed to really know ethnic hair, curls, etc...
LOVED the cut, just not the finishing - but that can always be worked on! :) Being that we are the PJs... we tend to know that part best!!!
Tara - have a curly day!!!

LA Looks Curl Gel, Sauve Naturals conditioners Waterlily, CK, Deva Archangel , LOOB (has its days)...
Deva One - LOVE it!!!!!!!

Botticelli's Flax Seed Hair Gel (a DIY!!!) THANKS Botticelli!!!!!!
Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Creme (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!)
Shea Moisture Smoothie - GREAT stuff!

for the love of the lens...



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